DIE Luke Live Show!

Hey Friends!
You can Live stream my online show on March 3rd at 8:30pm CET time.
It will be an intimate acoustic show.
Hope to see you there
Laura xxoo

Still Brightness

Hi Friends,
Im so grateful and excited to share with you my song story for the new single, "Still Brightness".
Also, tomorrow comes the new video! Stay tuned

Lots of Love,


New Song/Single Out Now!

Oh wow..
How do I even begin to write about this crazy time in Corona..
I'm so excited and nervous to share with you my first single for my new record, "Is Love a Broken Thing"

This song was so…

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Kammgarn West Schaffhausen Concert!

Hey friends!

Some exciting news.. I'm back in Schaffhausen and this time I am playing at the Kammgarn West!
My producer Brian Trahan will be joining me for the show, which I am so excited to share some of his…

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Currently, I am touring back In Germany for my 3rd tour.
So far, I have played in Dresden, and currently just heading into Cologne for my second show.
I have been recording "Is love a broken thing" while on tour…

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Brooklyn, NY

The next 6 weeks or so I am in Brooklyn, NY writing for the first full length album, Don't Interrupt me while I'm feeling.
I'm hesitant even to call it a full length album because as a creative, I can…

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Germany Tour

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to take a moment and share some goodness from my first tour in 6 years, Europe tour 2018! Most of the tour took place in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.
The man I toured with for…

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