Germany Tour

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to take a moment and share some goodness from my first tour in 6 years, Europe tour 2018! Most of the tour took place in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.
The man I toured with for the first week was Andrew Smith, a talented folk/jazz musician from British Columbia. I am really grateful to all the people that hosted us and all the wonderful house concerts we got to be apart of. The German landscape is an incredible burst of fresh air, trees, and small villages. When I wasn't playing shows or planning upcoming events, my favourite thing to do was go hiking through the woods. There are parts of Germany's forests that are kind, and others that feel unwelcoming. The best part of Germany was that it has given me even more material for writing.

One of my favourite evenings was joining the stage with Darling West.. you can check them out here www.darlingwest.on. They are a married couple from Norway who play Americana style music. First, it was so lovely to have people that spoke fluent english, but also understand the many unglamorous parts of touring, I look forward to seeing them again.

Thanks again to my beautiful host in Switzerland, and my favourite Italian family in Bergamo.. you made the trip/tour so rich in friendship.