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New Art prints! Up and running! 

My fans, my friends.. I'm so sorry for this long awaited blog post!

Click Here to buy a print /shop

My friends, The SHOP on my music website is LIVE! 

You can now purchase on of my new prints from my newest series called, Fake Happy. 

These Prints can Ship ANYWHERE in the WORLD! 

Shipping in Germany runs 2-3 Euros and Canadian shipping runs 5-10$ no matter where you are. 

They are also printed on beautiful eco friendly museum quality paper. 

Now most importantly, Why did I call the series 'Fake Happy'? 

Fake Happy Stems from quite a few interactions I have had over the course of my time in Europe. 

I am usually open about my struggles with seasonal depression and anxiety, however I found myself more often than not, experiencing a large pressure to not share those kinds of things. My time in Canada the last few years had been met with an openness and compassion when sharing my struggles but my experience in Europe was very different. 

A few months ago I had heard of 2 suicides that had happened near the place I was living in Germany and I was overwhelmed with sadness. Something I came to observe quickly was that it was not so well received to express that sadness.. but instead to move on quickly for fear that the sadness could take you down to dark depths yourself. 

I wanted to paint what it feels like to hide under that pressure. 

I wanted to go feel what I was feeling under my own set of grief. 

Often others will comment how happy and glowing and light I am.. but I carry my own deep struggles with my mental health. 

I want this series to be an offering of encouragement to seek help for your struggles before you decide to call it a day. 

To not be afraid to share your feelings around suicide, depression, or anxiety that you will end up bound up in chains in a psychiatric ward or so some of the fears lay. 

To also end a stigma around depression, feelings of helplessness, and inability to work because of sadness. 

This is also in introduction to a Song I made in Berlin called, Mad with Suppression 

The release date for the song has not been set yet, but I am excited to share with you the song when it is ready. 

* When you purchase a print, the money goes toward helping me make more music for the production and recording of more songs.

DIE Luke Live Show! 

Hey Friends!
You can Live stream my online show on March 3rd at 8:30pm CET time.
It will be an intimate acoustic show.
Hope to see you there
Laura xxoo

Still Brightness 

Hi Friends,
Im so grateful and excited to share with you my song story for the new single, "Still Brightness".
Also, tomorrow comes the new video! Stay tuned

Lots of Love,

New Song/Single Out Now! 

Oh wow..
How do I even begin to write about this crazy time in Corona..
I'm so excited and nervous to share with you my first single for my new record, "Is Love a Broken Thing"

This song was so challenging to write..
The topic of committed love seems like a huge fireball waiting to be shot at each one of our souls.
This song was written in the dark days of January/February in 2019 in my short term New York rental.
I was alone, and I was processing a recent deep profound experience of love that I had shared with someone.

I had been experiencing a lot of hopelessness in the area of romantic love. I was married and I had life all planned out, between my childhood pain and trauma, and my husbands lack of emotional awareness, we grinded each other to the ground, loosing our dreams together.

Some years later, I met another man, who reawakened by heart to love and the experience changed me forever.. however, we did not stay together, and at last my hopes of finding committed love began to dwindle again. This song was an expression of that frustration of why are some things that are so beautiful, why can't they last just a little longer.. what really is love? is it commitment?

Hope you can feel your feelings


Kammgarn West Schaffhausen Concert! 

Hey friends!

Some exciting news.. I'm back in Schaffhausen and this time I am playing at the Kammgarn West!
My producer Brian Trahan will be joining me for the show, which I am so excited to share some of his music with you!
He is very talented, and I have been working with him on the last 2 singles.

Peter Schaeublin just shot a film about Iceland and we met up after he had heard my song "Still Brightness". He was very excited to use the song with his new footage.

This is what led us to this evening.. Peter will be showcasing some of his film of iceland while I play you cold, dark songs from my heart :)

See you there!!

Here is a link to the info:


Currently, I am touring back In Germany for my 3rd tour.
So far, I have played in Dresden, and currently just heading into Cologne for my second show.
I have been recording "Is love a broken thing" while on tour.
This is a song I wrote and composed while I was in New York for 7 weeks.

I also am working right now with a man named Brian Trahan who is an extremely talented musician and also does producing.
After my shows in the south, I am headed back to Berlin to do some more recording with him, which has already been a blast!
When there is laughing and shouting, you are really making some magic together.

So far on this tour, I keep hearing songs that randomly pop out to me about taking my time.. So that is what I am gonna do..
I am really gonna take my time with these recordings. Right now I would say, taking the lead on the music is the classical genre, with hints of experimental folk rock..So we will see what direction this all goes.

Berlin has been so good to me. It really is a place of condensed creativity.. I have found writing and recording here very easy.

Check out my instagram to stay updated on where I am and what I am doing!

Thanks for supporting the music, the human, and the art.
Bless ya


Brooklyn, NY 

The next 6 weeks or so I am in Brooklyn, NY writing for the first full length album, Don't Interrupt me while I'm feeling.
I'm hesitant even to call it a full length album because as a creative, I can get caught up in trying to make my music fit well into something that has a start and a finish, but with art, sometimes you feel you are never done. Currently while I am out in Brooklyn, I am planning for a September Tour back In Europe, as well as spring shows in Ontario. 

I am not sure when this album will be finished, but I am working hard on it, and when it's got a framework, I'm hoping to head into the studio to start recording.
There are some people in my life that have pushed me back into the music world and I just want to say thanks. Lets just say this album coming out is about the last 5 years of my life and all that the experience has taught me and things I never thought I would do, or could do, and revelations I received about just simply being human.

Germany Tour 

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to take a moment and share some goodness from my first tour in 6 years, Europe tour 2018! Most of the tour took place in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.
The man I toured with for the first week was Andrew Smith, a talented folk/jazz musician from British Columbia. I am really grateful to all the people that hosted us and all the wonderful house concerts we got to be apart of. The German landscape is an incredible burst of fresh air, trees, and small villages. When I wasn't playing shows or planning upcoming events, my favourite thing to do was go hiking through the woods. There are parts of Germany's forests that are kind, and others that feel unwelcoming. The best part of Germany was that it has given me even more material for writing.

One of my favourite evenings was joining the stage with Darling West.. you can check them out here www.darlingwest.on. They are a married couple from Norway who play Americana style music. First, it was so lovely to have people that spoke fluent english, but also understand the many unglamorous parts of touring, I look forward to seeing them again.

Thanks again to my beautiful host in Switzerland, and my favourite Italian family in Bergamo.. you made the trip/tour so rich in friendship.