Currently, I am touring back In Germany for my 3rd tour.
So far, I have played in Dresden, and currently just heading into Cologne for my second show.
I have been recording "Is love a broken thing" while on tour.
This is a song I wrote and composed while I was in New York for 7 weeks.

I also am working right now with a man named Brian Trahan who is an extremely talented musician and also does producing.
After my shows in the south, I am headed back to Berlin to do some more recording with him, which has already been a blast!
When there is laughing and shouting, you are really making some magic together.

So far on this tour, I keep hearing songs that randomly pop out to me about taking my time.. So that is what I am gonna do..
I am really gonna take my time with these recordings. Right now I would say, taking the lead on the music is the classical genre, with hints of experimental folk rock..So we will see what direction this all goes.

Berlin has been so good to me. It really is a place of condensed creativity.. I have found writing and recording here very easy.

Check out my instagram to stay updated on where I am and what I am doing!

Thanks for supporting the music, the human, and the art.
Bless ya