New Art prints! Up and running!

My fans, my friends.. I'm so sorry for this long awaited blog post!

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My friends, The SHOP on my music website is LIVE! 

You can now purchase on of my new prints from my newest series called, Fake Happy. 

These Prints can Ship ANYWHERE in the WORLD! 

Shipping in Germany runs 2-3 Euros and Canadian shipping runs 5-10$ no matter where you are. 

They are also printed on beautiful eco friendly museum quality paper. 

Now most importantly, Why did I call the series 'Fake Happy'? 

Fake Happy Stems from quite a few interactions I have had over the course of my time in Europe. 

I am usually open about my struggles with seasonal depression and anxiety, however I found myself more often than not, experiencing a large pressure to not share those kinds of things. My time in Canada the last few years had been met with an openness and compassion when sharing my struggles but my experience in Europe was very different. 

A few months ago I had heard of 2 suicides that had happened near the place I was living in Germany and I was overwhelmed with sadness. Something I came to observe quickly was that it was not so well received to express that sadness.. but instead to move on quickly for fear that the sadness could take you down to dark depths yourself. 

I wanted to paint what it feels like to hide under that pressure. 

I wanted to go feel what I was feeling under my own set of grief. 

Often others will comment how happy and glowing and light I am.. but I carry my own deep struggles with my mental health. 

I want this series to be an offering of encouragement to seek help for your struggles before you decide to call it a day. 

To not be afraid to share your feelings around suicide, depression, or anxiety that you will end up bound up in chains in a psychiatric ward or so some of the fears lay. 

To also end a stigma around depression, feelings of helplessness, and inability to work because of sadness. 

This is also in introduction to a Song I made in Berlin called, Mad with Suppression 

The release date for the song has not been set yet, but I am excited to share with you the song when it is ready. 

* When you purchase a print, the money goes toward helping me make more music for the production and recording of more songs.