Kammgarn West Schaffhausen Concert!

Hey friends!

Some exciting news.. I'm back in Schaffhausen and this time I am playing at the Kammgarn West!
My producer Brian Trahan will be joining me for the show, which I am so excited to share some of his music with you!
He is very talented, and I have been working with him on the last 2 singles.

Peter Schaeublin just shot a film about Iceland and we met up after he had heard my song "Still Brightness". He was very excited to use the song with his new footage.

This is what led us to this evening.. Peter will be showcasing some of his film of iceland while I play you cold, dark songs from my heart :)

See you there!!

Here is a link to the info:https://www.720.ch/blog/konzert-laura-and-brian