New Song/Single Out Now!

Oh wow..
How do I even begin to write about this crazy time in Corona..
I'm so excited and nervous to share with you my first single for my new record, "Is Love a Broken Thing"

This song was so challenging to write..
The topic of committed love seems like a huge fireball waiting to be shot at each one of our souls.
This song was written in the dark days of January/February in 2019 in my short term New York rental.
I was alone, and I was processing a recent deep profound experience of love that I had shared with someone.

I had been experiencing a lot of hopelessness in the area of romantic love. I was married and I had life all planned out, between my childhood pain and trauma, and my husbands lack of emotional awareness, we grinded each other to the ground, loosing our dreams together.

Some years later, I met another man, who reawakened by heart to love and the experience changed me forever.. however, we did not stay together, and at last my hopes of finding committed love began to dwindle again. This song was an expression of that frustration of why are some things that are so beautiful, why can't they last just a little longer.. what really is love? is it commitment?

Hope you can feel your feelings